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Arsenal vs. Chelsea! A war to watch out for next season

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Jose Mourinho returned to Chelsea at the start of last season. While he had been extremely successful in his first stint, his second stint is not worth a mention, at least until now. Meanwhile, Arsenal continued to rebuild the squad by signing Mesut Ozil, Mathieu Flamini and Yaya Sanogo. Yet they managed to finish only in the fourth position.  In terms of overall performances, one can say that both the London teams can be ranked more or less equal to each other.

In the Premier league, the Gunners finished just 3 points behind Chelsea. Moreover the Blues went on the semi-finals of the Champions league while Arsenal were eliminated in the round of 16. However, Arsenal did manage to win a trophy – the FA cup which finally ended their nine-year long trophy drought – while Chelsea scored a blank.

The battle for supremacy in London is all set to reach a new high with both the clubs making expensive acquisitions. The Gunners are finally able to put together a squad that is comparable with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City. Remember that they led the points table for 128 days last season, the highest by any team, and they finished just seven points short of the first position. Will Wenger finally gain supremacy over Mourinho?? Or will the men in red and white flatter to deceive as usual?

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